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About Shetland Wool

All about Shetland wool

All of Kate's wools are natural and produced from her Shetland sheep raised in a chemical-free environment on her land. She specialises in undyed, hand-spun Shetland wool, however she does also produce mill spun yarn, and hand dyed colours due to popular demand by knitters.

What is the difference between hand-spun and mill spun yarns?

Mill spun wool is produced using two or more single yarns twisted together. Two-ply wool, for example, is created using two separate strands. Mill spun wool is precisely that - it's produced by a machine, giving a more uniform, commercial feel to the finished product.

Hand-spun wool, on the other hand, has much more character, texture and 'feel', and retains the individual qualities of the particular type of fleece used, which is loved by knitters. 

Shetland wool

We specialise in wool from Shetland sheep because it is warm, strong, soft, durable and is the finest of any of the native breeds in Scotland. It is a perfect yarn for knitting, crocheting or any wool based craft projects.

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