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Kate Sharp 

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The sheep lady

A true Shetland expert

Kate Sharp breeds champion Shetland sheep and has done so for over 30 years. In that time she has become a respected expert on all things Shetland sheep-related, as well as being the proud 'mum' to over 50 registered champions.

Previously a committee member of the Shetland Sheep Society (formerly the Shetland Sheep Breeders Group), Kate is now the chair of the Judges and Inspectors Panel and has been a judge herself since 2000. She judges all across the UK, and when not judging, is often found showing members of her own flock.

Worldwide advice

She gives advice and support to Shetland sheep breeders worldwide. In 2011 Kate and former judge, Alan Hill (then vice-president of the Shetland Sheep Society), were invited to Wisconsin, in the USA to judge Shetland Sheep at the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival. While there, they also ran training seminars for local Shetland enthusiasts.

Working with kindness - an ethical approach

Kate treats all her sheep like pets and often sits in the fields hand-feeding them, or taking them on a stroll on a lead-rope around Ewingston (much to the delight of her neighbours).

She is committed to raising her sheep in a chemical-free environment, and as naturally and ethically as possible. She doesn't use dogs to work them: believing instead that working with kindness produces happier, healthier (and champion worthy) sheep, as well as the best wool. And it works: the flock come running to her as soon as she enters the field; it's a beautiful sight to see.

Watch Kate feed her sheep

Watch Kate rooing her sheep

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